Grant Earl LaValley


Music videos produced alongside the release of Grant Earl LaValley's albums.

16 Bitch Pile-up


An experimental destruction harsh ambient noise band based in San Francisco via Columbus, Ohio.

Division of Labor


A music and performance festival showcasing a diverse group of experimental noise, electronic dance, queer culture, and performance artists hosted by the Lab.

Scarface Redux: Snitches


One installment of 15-second clip remakes of the famous film Scarface as part of a bigger Scarface Redux project organized by the Borscht Corporation.



Alternative psych-rock performance trio in collaboration with Grant LaValley and Bert Bergen.



Anti-religious, dirt punk duo wielding depression era stripped down instrumentation and bludgeoning, unaffected vocals.



Video art produced in conjunction with the SFMoMA for multimedia artist Desiree Holman. The work inaugurates the reopeninig of the SFMOMA.

Jelly Souls


A half conscious heretic hides in a dried out boat, taking refuge from memories of a past life. Preparing to warn the world about a poisonous jelly, his mind drifts among memories of old friends and lovers.

Delusion of Eating


An interactive artwork featuring fried-chicken-headphone-helmet-karaoke in an exhibition of American artists using the marketed spectacle of eating to explore how capitalism creates an isolating desire.

Frankie America and Me


Series of performances in collaboration with Harry Crofton, featuring his recurring character,  Frankie America.



Experimental industrial duo confronts the final frontier of noise. And falls off.



The Damagomi Project recounts the history of a group of spiritualists and academics who were active in Northern California. The project has the form of an archive which consists of an ever expanding series of works that piece together the history of the group.

Barbara Grossman's Breakfast Club


Barbara Grossman's Breakfast Club (BGBC) is a group of 10 women exploring what it means to be a female artist and how to push + pursue our individual + collaborative practices.

Weird Habit


Solo sound project of experimentally constructed pop songs.



Image and color dance through the ageless desert landscape in this music video set to the enchanting racket of SF band T.I.T.S. Directed by Ashley George/Les Beautes Productions.

Debbie Downer


As musical host, Debbie Downer brings vibe variety to any occasion.

Fruit of the Dogs


A short film that follows an artist working with experimental media who is forced to compromise his ideals in order to make a living.

Bad News


Duo operating in the heavy industrial and noise zones, with an awareness of vivisect-era Skinny Puppy, incorporating guitar, synthesizers and drum machines writhing like mercury under sharp vocals.



A hungry slacker is impregnated with an illegal extra-terrestrial and faces deportation by an maniacal surgeon. Part commercial parody, part science-fiction nightmare, this buddy comedy explores the avenues of unhinged story telling.

Live Music + Events


Event organizer for performance and music shows at venues including The Lab, Thee Parkside, Amnesia, Bay Area 51, Hemlock, The  Knock Out, The Eagle, Purple House,

21 Grand, Bus shows, Huffin House, and HERE.

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